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MHM Maldives Hotel Management Beach Hotel Guraidhoo
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In the Maldives, the majority of the population follows the Islamic Religion. The observance of religious precepts is rigorous: even if this is not very evident in the tourist resorts, in the local islands such as Guraidhoo, it is good to observe certain rules of behavior, such as adopting decent clothing even during the day and avoiding topless (in the Maldives, topless is illegal).

The Republic of Maldives has strict laws prohibiting the introduction for any purpose, including for personal consumption, of alcohol, pork, publications or pornographic articles and video-DVDs containing pictures of naked people (topless women), spearguns and harpoons, medicines not accompanied by a prescription (in English) especially those containing psychotropic substances (e.g., anxiolytics).

The introduction of drugs, even light or in minimal quantities, is punishable by life imprisonment. Any alcohol that may be introduced into the country will be retained at customs and no longer returned.