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MHM Maldives Hotel Management Beach Hotel Guraidhoo
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MHM's Mission

The primary objective of MHM is to have an officially recognized corporate vehicle to develop and manage hotel facilities on various islands in the Maldives.

MHM directs its activities toward two primary targets:

1. Investors who through MHM's know-how and contacts can access particularly lucrative business opportunities in the highly attractive field of hotel management
2. Consumers who thanks to the management formula of Beach Hotels in the civil islands can access a destination usually associated exclusively with a target audience of big spenders for their vacations

MHM differs from its competitors because it is the only international Company, structured as a hotel chain, that manages Beach Hotels in several Maldivian islands.

MHM's Mission is to manage facilities in multiple islands but aimed at the same target and with similar service standards, in order to apply an economy of scale capable of controlling costs and at the same time attracting the big players of global distribution on commercial logics hitherto intended only for resorts.

Processes and procedures are implemented in such a way that they can be managed and controlled remotely and that the entire HR structure can be in the individual elements interchangeable and replaceable also thanks to the training and incentives of local staff.